Great Canadian Freefall Festival at Okanagan Skydive

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Ladies and "Gentelmen", Boys and Girls, Wild Ones of all shapes and sizes! You are invited to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!


This year once again featuring Nomad air 's awesome SKYVAN! This epic bird will be taking you and your freaky friends to 12,000ft abouve the beautiful Okanagan Valley!

Mark Schrag and Larenda Graham are back to fly with you making LARGER belly formations! These 2 are magical at paving the way to 10 ways. 15 ways? 20ways? Sky is the limit!

This year we have Rosie Manning and Connor Figg on freefly orginizing. These 2 ninjas just came back from an incredible showing at the UK nations winning Gold in dynamic 4 way and bronze in dynamic 2 way. Angles, Verts, Sit Learn from the best at this years event!

Chris Kotscha - Your Okanagan Commercial Investment Advisor is back organizing CRAZY wingsuit jumps and providing commercial investment advise! Chris is awesome at orginizing wingsuit flocks for all levels! This year Chris will shred with you all day and keep you rocking all night. Chris will be running his DJ booth at our party on the Saturday Night :)

Bret Chalmers will be orginizing small groups of belly, track and freefly :)

Friday night is Tacos from Mex-Can Kelowna BC.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Sat, Sunday
Breakfast, Lunch only on the Monday

Sunday Night banquete is going to be a Pig Roast :)

Registration is $50
Pre reg gets a free tshirt :)

Jumps are $42

Tons of Prizes! Tons of great entertainment! Amazing Jumps!


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