Skydiving licence in Poland?

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I am just wondering if anyone knows anything about getting a skydiving licence in Poland.

I am a C licenced UK skydiver, but my girlfriend is Polish and looking at doing it there. She tells me that there it is only 8 jumps with instructors to get you licence, but then that you have to do 50 jumps with an instructor nearby to get you B licence.

Obviously this is close to the British system of 8 jumps with instructors plus 10 consolidation jumps to get your A licence... with a further 50 plus CH1 & JM1 to get your B licence.

I am just wondering if anyone knows if it is actually different in Poland for an A licence, or just a mis-translation or misunderstanding?

Cheers :)

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Polish conditions:
Category "A" license - parachutist

 25 jumps per delay
 5 minutes (300 seconds) of free fall
 5 jumps on group acrobatics or 5 jumps on any evolutions during free fall under the supervision of the instructor; ability to control the position of the body in all planes (somersaults, spirals, etc.)
 the ability to arrange the main canopy

 2 jumps for free falling, including: an accented rotation by 180 ° to the left, accentuated rotation by 180 ° to the right, back somersault, forward salto, min. 5 sec departure in the "arrow" or "track" position


 2 jumps on the RW in the team of two jumpers the pair is held, the execution by the dispenser of the turn by 90 ° to the left (right), return to the starting position, 90 ° to the right (left), return to the starting position, correct separation in the "arrow" or "track" position by min . 5 sec

 time and height control
 providing a signal for disintegration and opening
 landing in the area of 50m x 50m

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