signed in but cannot use site features username "wan2doit"

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Sincere apologies for the delayed response. This season's flu is a real bitch...

That is very unusual - it seems to be a case of the WYSIWYG editor just not loading... I've taken a look at your account and there's no kinds of limitations being imposed. I also used the admin tools to check whether it's account based or computer based, and when I test your account it seems to work fine.

This suggests it may be an issue on your browser. Can you do me a favour and try use a different browser as a means to test?

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Hello Meso,

You R the man - signed in with Internet Explorer and all seems to be well as per the ability to reply here.

A pc savvy friend of mine had me update Firefox in order to download adblock on to it. Maybe the problem is with the latest version of Firefox or having adblock blocking popups. Any ideas on that?

Can't believe I figured out to do a word document to work around the problem to communicate with you. Don't want to do it again or all the time though.

Thanks again for the tip.



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