Flock Off at Skydive Chicago

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Tracking is one of the most pertinent skills in the sport. Tracking properly and safely can absolutely save your life. At camp Flock off we teach you all of the basics of group tracking and movement, then tune you up and make you a sharper, more aware and skilled flocker. We know we all want to flock our very best.

SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2019
*You will learn how to safely:*
~Exit- floating and diving
~Approach- what if I’m out of slot?
~Break off- where do I go?
~Deployment and landing - Where is everyone? Where ARE we?
~Off Landings

This will be a mixed level course with groups decided upon and split up by skill level. Whether you’re fine tuning heading control and flying on level or trying to get in for that surf dock, we have a slot for you.

This is a full weekend, rain or shine- camp. (We will have make up days in July and September should flying be stunted by weather.

Day 1: Early arrival to knock out the seminar and all of the necessary ground work. What we do on the ground we do in the air. Be prepared to creep!

Split into initial groups to assess skill level and better organize.

Tentative Daily Schedule:
7:30AM Arrival: Seminar
Jump 1: debrief and rearrange groups as necessary
Jump 2&3: Debrief while having lunch
Jump 4-5: Debrief
Any access jumps will be debriefed at the end of the day.

Day 2: 8am arrival and simple debrief from previous days experiences. Fuel up + Chat as a group.

Jumps 1-3: debrief and rearrange as necessary + lunch
Jumps 4-5: debrief
Jump 6: large group(s) sunset canopy Flock before we cheers to a beer light and some noms.

So, you wanna flock with me?

What you need:
~A license (contact me directly if you have <100 jumps)
~USPA Membership
~Audible &/or mudflat mounted altimeter
~$125 registration fee + your slots

What you get:

~Two full days of instructed and debriefed flocking with full video on USB flash drive
~Goody Bags
~Food + Beer at the end of it all

Contact me directly to sign up!! [email protected]

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