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Summerfest 2019 is coming soon!

This year will feature some new events, The Film Festival, Full-On Foosball and more! We will have new bands as well as Casey McGrath's Fiddlerock Show 2.0, Rook and Friends DJ'ing and a few other surprises as well. There's even a rumor that we will have another round of custom brewed beer and wine specifically made for Summerfest 2019!

Don't forget about the world-class list of organizers that Summerfest has every single year. This year will be no exception. Come on out and jump for fun or really dig in and learn from the best in the business and take advantage of all that these pros have to offer!

We are still squaring away the details of this legendary event and we will keep you updated as The Boogie of Boogies gets closer.

See you all there sooner than you think!

Early Full Boogie Registration:
Open January 1, 2019Jun - June 26, 2019
(Includes FREE T-Shirt!)
$95.00 USD

Full Boogie Registration:
June 27, 2019 - Event Dates
$99.00 USD

Day Passes:
Jumper: $50.00 USD
Non-Jumper: $40.00 USD
Children (10 and under): $15.00 USD

Register Now Right Here: https://bookings.burblesoft.com/index/27/123


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