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Soooooo, I had the pleasure of flying this one piece wonder last week and it was pretty much everything I expected it to be: AWESOME! 

I can only compare it too the other "tracking suits" I've flown, the Phoenix Fly PTS and Squirrel Sausage. 

The two piece suit I LOVED. Bought it brand new and jumped it like crazy in preparation for Wingsuiting. (which i highly recommend if you aim to join the flock one day...) 

The Sausage however was purchased second hand (third actually) and In my opinion should be scraped all together. NOT stable enough for my liking and sent me into turns I didn't want! 

THE MUTATION however is, how I describe: a wingless wingsuit! Super stable and go's where you want! I don't have any flysight feedback unfortunately but when I'm ready for another tracking suit, this is the one. (I'm sure the onesie is just as, if not better in the glide department. I fly squirrel for reasons...)

Happy tracking.  


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