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Country rules for relative work

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Hi all,

I'm wondering what the regulatory requirements are for relative work in different countries (e.g. in the UK if qualified under the BPA, you need FS1) and specifically, what the requirements are in Spain and Portugal. In Spain and Portugal, is some equivalent of FS1 required of it you have someone experienced who wants to start to show you things, can you go with?


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I guess the fine print would come down to what the CI at the various dropzones will allow.

Formation Skydiving - Low experience people jumping together
Minimum 5 coached jumps in logbook to make 2 ways with someone of the same experience or more. 
Logbook must show proof of competency of FS skills to match the level of jump
CCI discretion regarding 3 ways and bigger - FS1 course recommended. 

As posted. Skydive Spain seems kind of cavalier with their periods, That's one of the reasons I bet I would like jumping there, their devil-may-care attitude. ;P


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In Serbia:

Students are required to jump at least 5x FS2 (allowed only with instructor or a coach) in order to qualify for the A license exam.

A license holders - the biggest they're allowed to jump is FS4 with a limit that at most 2 A license holders are in the formation and that at least one of them is an instructor or a coach.

This is all on paper, in reality it's more free style, a case-by-case triage based on the level of skill and experience of all participants.

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