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Trump and the IRS

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On 4/16/2019 at 12:34 PM, GeorgiaDon said:

How do you propose to pay for our oversized military if nobody pays taxes?  Or law enforcement?  Or a hundred other things that a civilized society needs to operate?  Or would you prefer anarchy?



For one one I didn’t say elimate all taxes, but income tax is BS, a more usage based system would be much more morally sound  


 I’d eliminate most of the .mil, focus on defending our nation and quit our failed foreign policy / nation building.


Police, we could probably cut them by 75%, remove the crazy retirement and other benifits which are rare in the private sector. Frankly the amount of real police work they do, vs being meter maids, from my experience police don’t actually stop crime, they mostly document it after it happens. 


 Frankly the country was much better off not all that long ago when it had a much smaller goverment. 


 The larger the government, the smaller the citizen.   

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