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Req: LB Ares II wrist or glove mount that doesn't suck

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I'm looking for a good quality Ares II wrist mount.  LB wrist mounts last me about 60 speed jumps before the Velcro loses its grip and the straps are too frayed to hold it.  At one point I had to "catch" the altimeter in free fall by closing my fist when it came lose during my slowdown to deployment altitude because the strap opened.

Photo of frayed LB straps, 60 jumps on the rattier one, 52 on the better looking one, both have lost Velcro grip.


Comparison:  Alti-2 original wrist strap with 8 years of jumping and many track/high speed skydives:


Someone mentioned to me at Skydive Algarve that there might be a third-party, "glove" mount for the Ares II -- I can't find such thing.  Please share your recommendations.

Thanks in advance and blue skies!


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16 hours ago, cjwilt said:

Have you checked around for some high quality velcro? You could have a rigger help with changing it out with something better. My 2 cents.

Indeed I have — I spoke with Birdmonkey Rigging after I posted this.  They’ll make me a custom “forearm” mount for FlySight (I need one of those too) and we’ll explore these options for the altimeter when me meet today at the DZ:

  • Velcro replacement
  • Build a custom wrist mount, using an old LB wrist mount as organ donor
  • Build a custom glove, using the altimeter holder from an old LB wrist mount as organ donor

Thanks for your suggestion — that might have the highest benefit with the lowest effort invested.

Blue skies and have a great weekend!


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