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Civilian on Fly-Along Accidentally Ejected from Fighter Jet

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On 4/6/2019 at 6:25 AM, ryoder said:

Can't say I am 100% shocked...  The details are sketchy because I heard this story some 19 years back...  Some guy apparently wanted to commit suicide by ejecting out of the CT114 Tutor (the planes used by the Canadian Forces at air shows and more commonly known as the Snowbirds).  It didn't work.  So he proceeded to pull a bunch of them - on ground - and nothing happened!!!  I remember the check for the equipment used to just be that the white "line" on the seat was still visible (ie: not compressed and therefore the mechanism for launching hasn't been compromised).  They were never tested because they would shatter the canopy and not work with an open canopy...  So pretty expensive to set them off!!  I think at the time the whole fleet was grounded and all the seats checked somehow or replaced...  Not sure...

Anyway, point being, it's entirely possible that they aren't serviced all that often & only "tested" in an emergency...



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What Natalie?

They gave you a blue suit?

You must have been young!

That rumour pre-dates my CAF service beginning in 1979. The rumour started with an earlier jet ..... buddy reported a bunch of defective ejection seats ......

Canadair originally introduced the Tutor as a trainer. It competes directly with Cessna’s T-37 Tweety Bird. Fortunately, Tutors got much quieter engine exhausts.

The Snowbirds/Golden Centenaires adopted Tutors circa 1967 for their air show routine. Decades after they retired from the training,  Tutors still wow air show crowds. The training role has been taken over by contracted BAE Hawks.

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11 hours ago, Faicon9493 said:

A skydiver I know who was a former fighter pilot said they use to say, "Meet your maker in a Martin-Baker."

I'm curious, do you have statistics or anecdotal evidence of relative reliability of Martin Baker versus United Technologies ACES II seats, for example?

Which eras and seat models? Of comparable build date? Was your friend  US Air Force or Navy? (US Air Force pilots recently have usually been in ACES seats while US Navy pilots in Martin Baker. Except the F-35, which is Martin Baker for all I believe.)

Or is it just a saying, like, "If it's not Boeing, I'm not going!"? 
Yes I'm holding you to a higher standard than just a rhyming phrase.  :-)

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