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Electric jump plane

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Harbour Air and MagniX enthusiastically added a new partner: Skydive Vancouver, to their progrm that will convert HA’s Beaver floatplanes to electric power. HA and magniX proudly announced that Skydive Vancouver has agreed to host Beta testing at their private airstrip near Abbotsford, B.C.

SV already hauls skydivers in their Pilatus Porter and Quest Kodiak, but waiting lines have gotten longer as SV increases in popularity with fun jumpers.

”We felt bad bumping fun jumpers” explained DZO Jerry Harper. “We value our fun jumpers and go out of way to make them happy. A couple of years ago we installed a swimming pool and last year year we warmed up the jaccuzi. The girls are polishing the stripper pole and now we welcome the electric Beaver to reduce wait times.”

”Do you see all those solar panels on our hangar roof?” continued Harper. “With all that charging capacity, we can generate all the electricity we need on site. This will provide fun jumpers with fast, quiet rides to altitude free of guilt trips surrounding fossil fuels.”

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A coal/steam powered aeroplane was actually invented in France in 1890 and flew before the Wright brothers.   It turned out not be very practical so never got past the demo stage. You can see it at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris:

Translated link to French Wiki entry

One of the nice ideas in its design is the air-cooled condenser on the steam output allowing the water to be reused.

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