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Diogo Eiriz

Skydive after pneumothorax

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Hi guys,

So 6 months ago I did a spontaneous pneumothorax, my left lung collapse about 20%. I It was my first one, just passed 4 days in the hospital with a tube chest and problem solved 

Before the pneumothorax I was smoker for 3 years, but since then I stopped at all.

In the time I was very thin, about 59kg, now 6 months later I have more 23kg

I had started a skydive course before the pneumothorax, did 6 jumps (7 with the tandem one), and my last jump was Friday and my lung collapse in the next Wednesday. 

Doctors have kinda different opinions about this, some say never skydive again, and others say that have no problem in jumping, that my lung collapse because I was smoker. But soon I will talk with my pneumology doctor to check if everything it's ok, and  in his opinion if I can jump again.

So the question is: CAN I DREAM WITH SKYDIVE AGAIN ??

I would like to ear u guys opinion, 


Take care and blue skies 

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I had one several years ago, I partly blame it for the fact I get hypoxic easily. I can't drink any alcohol, it sticks to my blood and prevents proper oxygen delivery. Had to ride the plane down once after getting drunk the night before, I didn't believe the signs when my heart rate kicked up for a second, got on the plane anyway, and half-way up my lips started getting numb, hands cramping up, etc... it passed after we landed and I took a walk. But yeah, I might suggest staying away from drinking and smoking, and also whippets! Smoking seems to be the least problematic of the three.

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