Jarkko Orava

I'd like some book recommendations for instructing and coaching

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I am a static line instructor with plans to get AFF-instructor rating later, perhaps next year. I would also like to be able to coach freeflying and tunnel in the future when my own skillset is good enough to be teaching others. I like to read a lot and I would like some recommendations on books to read. I want to get better at instructing and coaching. Here are some books I have read and my short comments:

  • Brian Germain - Transcending fear
    • I liked the book very much and I have hosted a "fear training" evening at our skydiving club based on the information in the book and also my own experience. I plan to host more events like that in the future.
  • Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld - Above all else
    • This was also a good book, telling the very interesting story of the author and his team. It also provided some insight into how to train as a team. 
  • John Wooden, Steve Jamison - Wooden on leadership
    • I also liked this one a lot. Its mostly about leading a team and serves me also in other aspects of life, not just skydiving.

These are some of the books I have gotten most out of when thinking about teaching people skydiving. However I would like to find books that focus on training individuals because most of the books I have read are always about leading or coaching a team. Instructing and coaching is very much 1 on 1 at least where I come from. Some recommendations about books on mental coaching would also be welcome. I would always like to give the student the best possible value for their money and time.

I am looking forward to your recommendations!

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Hi Jarkko,

As a teacher I'm always searching for interesting reading on the matter, and you should look for FE books (FE = further education, which effectively is adult education). Further education is about teaching a very specific skill, often vocational, to a wide range of individuals. Someone who just finished secondary education (high school) or someone much older. There's plenty of literature in this area.

Also, I believe you will find this seminar very interesting:


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