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On 2/18/2019 at 8:21 PM, RoyWharton said:

I am trying to renew some ads and they are asking for money to renew. Does anyone know, are there no more free ads allowed?


Was your ad initially a paid ad? If it wasn't, then there is something wrong that we need to adjust.

The way it works currently is that there are packages we can set up. We can choose whether an ad package has a paid or free renewal.

The problem is that while we can select for paid ads to have free renewal, we can't offer the ability to renew as a paid feature again. So it's a bit of a double edged sword. We can make it renew for free, but that isn't going to work for those looking to renew as a feature again. Or we can allow for paid renewal so featured ads can be renewed to be paid features, but then those looking to renew for free suffers. 

We're trying to find a way to offer both options. But we're also limited by the plugin that we are using.

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7 hours ago, RoyWharton said:

My ad was not a paid ad, never was. Please keep me posted on this, thanks. Also my renewal ads seem to have disappeared all together????

It's possible that the ads have been removed from the renewals listing cause of the time delay to renew. They will stay there for 5 days. Though we've now increased it to 7 to allow more time before pruning the expired ads.

We do apologize for these teething problems with the new system. 

I am not sure why you were asked to pay for a free ad, it shouldn't work like that, we've checked the settings and packages that are free should only offer free renewals. We're going to do more internal testing on this and see what's going on, but the plan is definitely for free ads to have free renewals.

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