AAD fires

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On 12/12/2019 at 5:20 AM, billeisele said:

simple: an AAD fire is not necessarily a "save", the manufacturer can't claim they have xxx saves because they have sold xxx cutters, there are plenty of instances when the AAD fired as programmed but the jumper had an open or opening main

technically that is of course correct, but I mean, what else should they count? I mean, just because the firefighters were called to a house because of a genuine fire and they put out the fire, doesn't mean that in each case everything wouldn't have been fine without them coming. Sure, the fire could have gone out by itself. Nothing worthwhile may have been burnt. We'll never know. Nevertheless I still think they can count each such call as a successful "save" for themselves.
You can't count the number of terrorist attacks prevented by airport security measures, as the attacks that didn't happen because of them DIDN'T HAPPEN. Same, you can't count the lives saved via AADs, exactly BECAUSE the lives have been saved!

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