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USPA Board Meeting

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2 hours ago, skybytch said:

I disagree. I expect my representatives to take the opinions of myself and other voters in this district into account when making decisions.  I do not vote for someone because I back their views 100% on everything.  I vote for them because they not only take the time to listen to what their constituents are thinking about various issues before voting on them, they inform us when issues come up and ask us what our views are.   They then use their experience, insight and judgment, together with the input from constituents, to make decisions.


Those 23 members are the 22 BOD members plus Ron Bell?

If so, this illustrates one of my points - a lack of communication between the board and the membership.  Yes, those 23 members are a good cross section of skydivers, with lots of experience and time in sport and an obvious desire to make skydiving safer; none of them would be there if they didn't give a shit.  But there are other members out there with lots of time and experience and who give a shit but cannot fit being a BOD member into their lives.  Being elected does not make the opinions of 22 of those members more or less important than the opinions of other members. 

If the members are not given the opportunity to express their views on an issue prior to any decisions being made, and if those are not taken into account when making decisions, then it would appear that only the opinions of the BOD members matter.  Which is something many people bitch about in our country's lawmakers.

Communicate with the members so they know what is happening and can contact their RD or other BOD members or make plans to attend a meeting to express their opinion. Ask for their input. If they don't know that something is being considered, how can they let their representatives know what they think about it? Sure, it's on the agenda for the meeting, but how many people know how to find the agendas?  I spent a few minutes on the USPA website and could not find them posted anywhere. There has got to be a way to get this information out there and make it easy for members to find if they are so inclined.

tbh, 34500+ of the other members probably don't care, but they do deserve to be kept informed and at least given the opportunity to express their views on any particular issue if they have any/would like to.  Making it easy for them to find out what is happening would increase the amount of information BOD members have while making decisions.  That can only be a good thing.


My name is Lisa Wyatt.  My membership has been expired for five years as I have not been able to jump, but my husband is a current member and instructor.  I am getting current in the near future so my membership will be renewed soon.  I may or may not re-up my instructor rating. 

I have nothing against anyone on the board.  I appreciate that they volunteer to do it. I know that I have fewer jumps and less experience than nearly all of them.  I appreciate the amount of give a shit it takes to even run.  I appreciate that some of them post here as this is a good way to communicate with at least a small percentage of the membership, a percentage that probably gives a shit.  My posts are only my opinion on ways I think USPA could do things better.  

I hope that's enough to make my posts worth the time to reply to.  If not, I understand, and I'll shut up until after I've paid the money. 


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Just now, michaelmullins said:

I have said everything that I can possibly say on this subject.  Again, a very representative section of skydivers support this BSR.  Every skydiver I have talked with personally has no problem with this BSR, evidently a very small number do have a problem, so be it.  If you do not like the BSR then I suggest you join USPA and ask the chair of the Safety & Training Committee to put it on the agenda for the next meeting and it will be considered again but I seriously doubt it will change.  You can either come to the meeting or you can send whatever arguments you have to the committee.  I have politely responded to this thread many times, I will not be posting on it again.

Mike Mullins


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36 minutes ago, michaelmullins said:

If you do not like the BSR then I suggest you join USPA and ask the chair of the Safety & Training Committee to put it on the agenda for the next meeting and it will be considered again but I seriously doubt it will change.

Understood.  I'll shut up now. 

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A lot of folks don't use their real names here. Apparently knowing who said the message is much more important than the message itself.

The fact that you not only voted for this but, also voted in favor of donating members funds to the ISMHOF has diminished my faith in you. We do know each other. You wouldn't recognize my name if you heard it, Yer an Amazing guy Mike and have an amazing family doing incredible stuff. However, failing to give what was discussed in these meetings with board members who also are USPA members and passing that off as the general membership is a stretch. At best. Real quick to call me out when you think I'm wrong, but slow when it happens to you. I'm not the only that thinks that was shifty. When the board feels that they don't have to be accountable to the general membership, that's a problem. I'm glad you referenced the US government. This board is acting more like that every day. A high standard indeed. 

I agree. This has been pretty much beat to death. If I decide to pursue this further and have something to share, I'll post it.

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