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WinX feedback?

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I have been wingsuiting so far with my Stiletto 150. I  wish to upsize my canopy and want something I can use with large wingsuit that will fit into my container.

I am 84kg naked, experienced skydiver but getting old :D and not jumping so much anymore (<50 jumps a year).

Looking for reliable opening, good and easy landing. I am considering the WinX and have several options:

     WinX  150 (100% ZP)

     WinX Hybrid 170  (ZP extrados only)

     WinX light 190  (ZP LE only)

 Any feedback on this canopy? Any size recommendation?


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A Stiletto is probably the worst choice ever for wingsuiting :-D That said as you are getting experienced and wise (another word for old) and flying an eliptical canopy you will probably want to continue to have great and easy landings. The Winx is a bit smaller than they actually say, e.g. the 150 is in fact 144 and for its size it packs smallish. So for that reason and considering packvol, you would want to go for a WInx 170 ZP which in fact is 163 sqft. I would estimate it packs samesize as a Stiletto 150. This small upsize will also help you get landings in the class you are used to and fit your annual lowish jumpnumbers perfect

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