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Your thoughts about future skydiving mobile application needed

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Let me introduce myself and vdugnist. We are software developers and we are developing an app for us. It will be a logbook which uses gps, altimeter and motion sensors to record your path like flysight does. Besides regular logbook data this will give you detailed information about your jump (exit/deploy alt, freefall time, horizontal and vertical speed, glide ratio, g-force, etc, etc, ect...).

Also we want to add logbook signing, export to pdf for printing, local and global competitions and many other features, which is why we need your feedback.

Please, fill this short survey so we can make the best app. :)

If you'd like to participate in beta test - just fill three latest field in survey and I'll email you when beta will be ready.


>>> SURVEY <<< 


Thank you in advance!




I'm going to visit California this February, could you please suggest me a best DZ here? :)

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