jumpticketprices.com - anyone want to take over ownership?

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Not sure how many of you are familiar with the skydiving price comparison website www.jumpticketprices.com?

Well, I run it, but no longer really have the time to maintain it. In theory once set up it should be good to keep itself going. However, this was dependent on the websites that I scraped the currency exchange rate data from not changing.

Unfortunately they have, which has meant I'll need to recode some of the site, as it is currently not working. The whole thing is also needing a bit of a revamp and more modern look to be compatible with mobiles etc. Currently it is really only desktop friendly. I am also a novice at web page design, with the site currently written in a combo of html, asp/vbasic and some java scripts, almost all of which was learnt on the fly from web tutorials or copied without real understanding from somewhere else.

That coupled with recently moving webhost, and something that worked fine on my previous host no longer seems to work on my new host, and I've no clue why. Lack of time to find out the reason has brought me to the following decision:

I'm looking to pass this site on to someone else to look after, revamp and really do whatever they want with to take it forward.

The domain is currently purchased until 22/12/19, so just under a year left.

If anyone is interested in taking over the site, please get in touch.

If required, I can provide the hosting, as my current webhosting package for this and my other website has WAAAAY more space/bandwidth etc than I need, and it is a reseller package. Not mandatory at all though. My hosting package will expire in Dec. 2020 I believe.
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7 hours ago, hbuk24 said:

Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I have a web design business so could help if required. I think its a useful website and would be a shame to leave it down. Thanks

i was thinking i could host the damned thing but am no good with design so i left it alone.  if you could design it and set it up, i'll host it with my other domains.

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Guys, I didn't get anywhere with it unfortunately. 

The domain expired, so would need to be bought again - I doubt there'll be huge demand from others for it!

I still have all the files on my computer, but it is no longer hosted anywhere. 

If anyone wants to take it on, then I'm happy to give a copy of whatever you need. Most likely that'll be the database, you can then create whatever front end you want to show the data.

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Hi, do you have the backup file of the webpage to could upload it again?? I have sent a message time ago but without answer. The webpage was a great page and want to cooperate to have working. 

Blue skies! 

I look forward for your comments. 


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