Canadian rapper killed in airplane stunt.

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Article says he practiced for months. Why even wear a chute if you're not going to use it if it's needed? So much for a back up plan. And the craziest part, I did some searching and he apparently was an avid skydiver and base jumper. Why not just let go and pull?

Jon James McMurray, 33, had trained for months to perform the stunt, his management team told CBC News. The rapper was attempting to walk onto the wing of Cessna while the aircraft was flying but “walked to too far out on the wing and sent the aircraft into a downward spiral.”

"Jon held onto the wing until it was too late, and by the time he let go, he didn't have time to pull his chute. He impacted and died instantly,” McMurray’s management team said in a statement.


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See a recent reply to the post in the incident forum. I am not a pilot, never wing walked, but it is a possibility that he was pinned or stuck to the wing and only was able to free himself until too low to get a parachute over his head.
"The restraining order says you're only allowed to touch me in freefall"

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