Christmas Cookie Cutters

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So I own a 3D Printer and my girlfriend and I are thinking about making cookies for our dropzones christmas party.

I want to use a skydiving theme and we are currently brainstorming for ideas.

I thought about making one with my dz‘s logo and as a future vector owner a upt related cutter.

However, I don‘t want to make cookies in the shape of company logos, no need for advertisement.

Do you guys have some ideas for nice skydive related cookies? B|

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your airplane (whatever that is)

flying parachute.


If you are into 4 way, making a small gingerbread man / woman in the standard block defining shape would be a fun start to making the entire dive pool out of gingerbread by just arranging the soft dough people and pressing their hands / feet into the parts of the others.
It's flare not flair, brakes not breaks, bridle not bridal, "could NOT care less" not "could care less".

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Closing Pin..

Just curious , why do you own a 3D printer? sounds expensive.. Is it for your business?

Ah yes the closing pin, great idea! :)

I bought one from my bonus before I started skydiving. I mainly use it for prototyping, hobbywise. Upgraded it multiple times to increase quality and efficiency, mainly use it to print ABS plastic. The last thing I made was a wristmount for my altitrack since I like having my hands free.

I also love the 4way RW gingerbread men :)

Let’s see how the Pilatus Porter turns out haha

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