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So whats the Plan

• Between 5 and 10 jumps per day from the Casa and Bell from 10 000ft AGL over the majestic Lake Kariba
• Packers and riggers on site for all of your requirements.
• The most Ideal place to have a fun Jump and a party with your skydiving mates
• No Skydiving Politics
• Go on game drives, fishing tours and booze cruises will be on offer.

We hoping to arrange a few small competitions and hopefully a big way or two as well. If we get some decent sponsorship, there might be a few small prizes

I look forward to seeing you all. Booking is essential as we do have limited slots available.
Cost is $1000 per person, that will include Accommodation and Jumps
Contact: Angus Cameron +263 772 260 455 | gus@skydivezim.com
SO whats next

• Get to ZIMABWE
• There will be a shuttle service to Kariba on the 12 and 13 December to Kariba from Harare. Details to be provided on booking.(booking is essential for this), And a shuttle service back to Harare. (accommodation in Harare is your responsibility, however we can help hook you up with some decent B&B or hotels
• Basic Chalet Accommodation will be provided on a sharing basis, if you have large groups please let us know who you want to share with etc, other wise it will be allocated. (you are more than welcome to swop at the time). Again booking is essential as spaces are limited and will be issued out on a first come first serve basis. If you prefer to Camp in the great African out doors you are more than welcome to do so however you will have to bring your own tents etc there will be no charge for that.
• There will be a full bar and restaurant available for all your needs and catering requirements, and that will be managed by the campsite. There are various other venues available for catering facilities in the area as it is a resort town. GOOGLE things to do in Kariba.
[url]www.skydivezim.com[email] gus@skydivezim.com

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Yeah you are right in what you are saying The delay in the plan was I needed to make sure that I had the aircraft. and various clearnces etc from our authorities and that can take some time here in Africa. My apologies for that. The idea is that this will become an annual event. So hopeful we can give people more notice next year. We are also planning a boogie in Victoria falls next year as well. Dates for that to be advised again have to wait for approvals from all the various government departments.

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I get it!

Good luck with the event! I have never travelled to Africa, so maybe next year if there is enough advanced notice.

Please post pictures and about how the even turned out.
"The restraining order says you're only allowed to touch me in freefall"

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