Skydive over the Pyramids of Egypt from C-130 Dec 2018

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Hi Everyone,

December is going to be crazy in Egypt boys and girls!
We are accommodating 55 slots (first come, first serve.) and 5 Jumps (YES, FIVE!!!) from C-130 @ 15,000 feet – 4500 meters. Exit and land over and near the pyramids!!!

I also took the liberty of inviting two of our special guests, world record holders, world class organizers and badasses none the less Amy Chmelecki & Jeff Provenzano, Both from Red Bull Air Force will be joining us to help you “get your freak on” over the Pyramids!

We’re going nuts here because this is the cheapest pyramids event to date, 5 jumps with the same price of previous 3 jumps event.
Christmas is coming earlier this year people, pack your rig and sun screen & come to Egypt!

Please contact me for any info, all details are in the event details on Facebook. or email me for details & registration Hawary_moh@hotmail.com or contact me on Facebook



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