this DZ closed in 2017

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Yes, please give us a name! :ph34r:

I've seen a few operations come and also go this past 2018. Some nice people are giving a S. Cali airport some new activity and 2 small operations closed in the Midwest. That I know of.

But you raise an interesting issue. As consumers of services provided by Drop Zones, IMO these same drop zones do a really bad job at letting jumpers know when they are operating. IMO I think this hurts skydiving as a whole. Obviously you and M have really been around larger drop zones with well published days of operation and being in FL have the benefit of year round operations. But the rest of the states seem to be seasonal and if you travel this can be a big issue. There really needs to be a complete, up to date book or list of these places. That someone updates on a regular basis.

And yes I know both here and the USPA keep a list but for those that travel,...the list really isn't all that good. You would think that the USPA would or could foster some kind of major overhaul of this?

For those of us that travel quite a deal this frequently means the difference between jumping or not.

If your a local this doesn't seem to be of concern, AND I'm sure most people haven't even noticed. But if your on the road or contemplating planning a trip,...some of you have noticed the midweek telephone blues and lack of information out there. You would think that someone somewhere would or could fill the information void.
Brett Bickford Did Not Commit Suicide.

He is the victim of ignorance and faulty gear. AND as in the movie: "12 Angry Men," of an ignorant and callous jury.

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