How to survive a helicopter ditching

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Unfortunately not very realistic.
I worked as a safety diver at a helicopter escape training center and did one study where we had about a dozen "escapees" in the dunker, and a few divers on the outside who would block random exits and things to make it a little more tricky. And we were blindfolded.
For 6 or 7 roll-overs we all got out fine, no biggie. Then the client (who was investigating a multi-fatality ditching) said this is all very good, but not very realistic. So we were told to add a sense of urgency to the situation. Next run, we capsized, waited 5 seconds, then it kicked off! My window we being blocked, but I had 4 or 5 guys trying to get out of it! I eventually got out of the scrum, when someone swimming over the top of the seats knocked my head, rotating me just over 90 degrees.
I tried to orientate myself numerous times, and despite the fact that I had built the helicopter configuration and knew the layout better than anyone, I could not find an exit. After 1min 45secs I eventually admitted defeat, put my hands on my head and got given an air bottle.
Every time I fly to the rigs, I make sure I get a seat with good access to multiple exits and try to avoid being around some of the more well fed passengers!

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