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Blue Skies Black Death Scott Moore

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Went out to his DZ three weekends ago just to say hi to a real good old skydiving bud I hadn't seen in quite a long time, however, it was on a weekend he wasn't there at that time, three weeks later.........well.........RIP Scott. You were always someone so many looked up to starting out our skydiving careers.

Airplanes have killed more skydivers I've know than parachutes.
The older I get the less I care who I piss off.

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This man, what can I say... I met him so long ago in Gainesville, instantly fell in love with him! 26 years later still in love with him! Love of my life... This was truly the worst day of my life, in seconds, one of the best pilots I know, my best friend, my PIC (half the time my partner in crime and the other half my pilot in command), my partner in every aspect and my husband, what can I say my everything... Gone! I will forever and always love you Scotty!

Hey Asshole.... 


Is It Over...

Quote: “I would rather die burnin on a skydive or from a plane crash, then from some senseless tragedy....”

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