Ernie Butler

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Ernie Butler died July 2nd.

Stroke and Prostate cancer and other complications, been a long time coming.
He had been in a VA hospital.

He was one of the original Coolidge Ghouls.

He served in the US Air Force Para-Rescue.

Ernie was hard core in the Golden Age of Skydiving when Jumping was a lifestyle and way of life.
I Jumped with the guys who invented Skydiving.

Ernie at The Wall.jpg

Ernie flying.jpg

Ernie Raceing.jpg

Ernie standing up over Old Elsinore Ca..jpg

Pope Vallry 78 — with Ernie Butler and Karalee Canham..jpg

Ernie Butler and Claire Meredith..jpg

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What do I remember about Ernie Butler? In 1992 at Skydive Snohomish I was going through that "baptism of fear", where I had just arrived at the dropzone's parking lot and was just sitting inside my car rationalizing why I should even continue to "learn" how to skydive, this after only a few student jumps. Skydiving scares me!!! Why skydive??!
And along comes Ernie. He sees me in the parking lot. He comes over to my car and encourages me, saying that it will all turn out OK. That day I jumped... and I still do. I will always remember Ernie for that moment. Thank you! May God bless you, Ernie!
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