Tom Jenkins

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Well known FS organizer and longtime Texas jumper Tom Jenkins has passed away. Tom was a true legend and a major contributor to the sport, particularly in the big-way community. A tough loss for all.

From friend Scott Latinis via facebook...

"It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend and brother TOM JENKINS. After returning to Houston following the highly successful Sequential World Record in Eloy, his health took an unexpected down-turn from which he did not recover. He was surrounded by friends and family over his last several hours."
Chuck Akers
Houston, TX

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I hung out at The Creek in the early to mid 80's with Tom and several others with threads in this forum. Tom was a friend and mentor in those days. Always willing to help a zoomy out if he saw you were serious. Last time I hung with Tom was in a Chi Town bar during his visit in 94.
Just last week I found some photo's I took of Tom, Bert, Butch and Charlie from their 4 way rotation days. I enjoyed shooting them at that time.

Tom was a friend to me and many others. My condolences for all your loss. Especially Madolyn.

Kevin Stoll

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