El Paso skydiver, Ricky Wells

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Rick had made numerous jump friends across the country, having worked at the Jump Shack in Michigan in 1978 and jumped at many boogies and meets. Good friends in Michigan. .. Dell, Harry, Shirley & Mike Weber, Mike Johnston, John Sherman and many more. Rick jumped there and also in the 70's Z-Hills meets in Florida.

Coolidge, AZ. was another favorite jump locale and he was a regular there at all the boogies from the late 70's through the 80's. He was a fun-loving participant in the notorious Ghoulidge Halloween Boogies, including the first one in '77.

He participated twice at the Charley Pride Cancer Benefit demos in Albuquerque as well as the Cancer Benefit exhibitions in El Paso. He was a master rigger, having learned the trade from the late "Strange Dave" Kasehagen.

He will be sorely missed by his close friends in El Paso and those who remember him from fun times in the sky.

Attached below are various shots of RW in the sky and on the ground.

1. Nabisco dive over Holloman AFB in NM. with White Sands in background.
2. Tracking over White Sands
3. Packing his Starlight canopy in Albuquerque
4. On left of picture along with Terry Bradshaw at a demo
5. Soaring over US-Mex. border
6. Leading the way out of a Turbo Lance
7. Climbing to altitude
8. Pic from front page of Z-Hills paper, Nov. '78
9. In black jumpsuit over west side of El Paso, 1983

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