Forbes: New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting

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Trump only hires the best crooks people:

. . .
and now Ross.

Oh the trials to come!

Top Trump Campaign Aides Are Portrayed as Corrupt at Manafort Trial

" The trial of Paul Manafort turned into a referendum on the character of two of President Trump’s top campaign aides on Tuesday, as prosecutors cast Mr. Manafort as the architect of a sprawling swindle and defense lawyers portrayed the prosecution’s star witness as a thief, adulterer and liar....

Mr. Gates’s recounting of Mr. Manafort’s various schemes was almost undone by his description of his own misdoings, including a secret paramour he met for trysts in London. He admitted that he had engaged in so many acts of fraud that he faced up to 100 years in prison if convicted....

He acknowledged that by faking expense accounts, he had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mr. Manafort, who employed him for roughly two decades. It was also “possible,” he admitted, that he had stolen funds from Mr. Trump’s inaugural committee in the same fashion....

Finally the summation of the crimes and character of the two trump hires and senior advisors.

Over all, the testimony filled in a picture of two men with few scruples and a powerful thirst for money, "

Liars, thieves, scams, frauds, and tax cheats. Sounds like the upcoming trials of trump's family.

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Even though Trump, like Charlie Manson, represents an improvement over Hillary Clinton, …

… to those who have spent the last 30-years with their heads in the sand, those of us who have remained well-informed, however, know better.
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