Small camper trailers?

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Pop up baby stupid easy to tow and lots of room in them when you pop them up . This coming from someone north of 6'4"
i have on occasion been accused of pulling low . My response. Naw I wasn't low I'm just such a big guy I look closer than I really am .

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Riggerrob, have been inside friends but not slept in. I have seen some with tongue weights of 100#s and up from there.

Overall weights of less then 2000#s as well.

Those two factors are largely dependent on floor plan layout (she has kitchen appliances and cabinetry up front so heavier tongue). Second major factor, you want an aluminum frame with a light fiberglass (or composite) exterior shell.

A couple of other items: having a longer A-frame (trailer hitch mounting) member which will generally put less weight on tongue. Also take note of axle location (fore & aft) which will also affect tongue weight.

Best of luck.

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Tongue weight can be adjusted according to how you load it.
Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossilbe before they were done.
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Where are we going and why are we in this basket?

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I'm most familiar with truck campers, about the same size.

Advantages of small trailers are:

- allow you to use smaller fuel efficient tow vehicles which are more often the primary mode of transport.
- allow you to lock up valuables in your campsite.
- allow effective heating
- allow reasonable place to cook and clean dishes.
- allow you to get out of inclement weather.

You can strap bikes, surfboards and other cargo carriers to them as well. IMO far superior to tent trailers. Which in turn are superior to tents.

They are generally in very high demand. Boler trailers sell for more today than what they did originally. As do VW Westphalias in good condition. Research carefully your towing ratings and hitch options for your vehicle.

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