Dual camera mount Sony X3000

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I'm looking for dual camera mount for 2 Sony X3000 on top of Tonfly 3X or Cookie G3.
What i would like to have:
1. Fast removing - like Cookie Flatlock/Tonfly mount etc
2. Some opening on bottom for fast access to card slot without unscrewing cameras.
3. Possibility to change angle/inclination of cameras.
4. Clean setup as much as possible without snag points.

I just saw similar setup with 2 Sony X3000 side by side without boxes on top of CookieG3 with Flatlock, but don't have photos unfortunately...

Any ideas/photos or links :)?

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i find the lens protection necessary for two reasons.
1. it protect the the lens... duhhhhh! ;)
2. When I jump it in Sweden without the lens protection / house, the camera fogs up and get a washed out feel to it.
all my common sens say that I should be the other way around, but I get much better picture out of the camera whit it on....

And yea I use the leash as well (lost one already when not using it)

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