When was the first 100 way?

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The next 100+ way attempts were held in Perris California and the formation
was 110 in size. The skydives were held on December 7-9 1990 and
utilized 1 DC-3 flying in the center and 4 Twin Otters flying in a "V" shape
behind. 7 attempts were made but it only built to 109....and that was on
the last jump after some very interesting hair pulling and teeth gnashing.

The DC 3 did not have a door, it was a tad chilly on the way up to 20,000 ASL in the winter.

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Thanks for all the replies. I found an article on the 100 and 120 in the December 1986 issue of Sport Parachutist which used to be the british magazine. Unfortunately no photo - would anybody have a link to one?

Sorry, hard to google it too for some reason

Big photo at my home DZ, my instructor was on the 100w record and those on either side. the pic of the 144 way diamond (opposed) is gorgeous

Also video in one of the Wally Gubbins vids. the 90 and 100 I think you can see my first rig in there - though I wasn't wearing it for the film.

Driving is a one dimensional activity - a monkey can do it - being proud of your driving abilities is like being proud of being able to put on pants

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