Can’t access the speakers corner.

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You were probably banned.

the toddlers who are full of themselves, like to spue forth their own opinions as GOD.

Anyone who disagrees is labeled a Troll.

Do you remember those clicks that used to exist in elementary school?

Problem is that this is a revenue producing site, and the owner of this site thinks the "mods" are doing a good job. Problem is the Mods are wrecking this site with their hubris filled egomaniacal self aggrandizing censorship.

Of course these freakzones and Nazi types are always pointing out how it's "necessary" and they make the world a better place.

Of course from the advertisers perspective the decrease in sales from this site have not gone un-noticed. Apparently their bullshite is strong. someday, when it's too late, the perversions and control freak moderators will of course blame others for their own actions, there good at that, blaming others,..... they have basically lived their whole lives blaming others and seeking attention, and we all have seen what happens when people don't play their sick little internet game.

Too bad,....

the Mods took a great idea and fucked it up beyond all recognition.

So ya, you most likely were banned, and BTW, the sneakey little bastards like it that way.
Brett Bickford Did Not Commit Suicide.

He is the victim of ignorance and faulty gear. AND as in the movie: "12 Angry Men," of an ignorant and callous jury.

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