stuck on plateau-- how to move?

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I am in plateu
Do very good (by estimates of coaches) belly flying,
pretty stable and controllable back flying
and stuck on transitining belly to back back to belly
i do it but not as good as i want
and i do not improve much over time (doing 1-1.5 hour per week, last three weeks)
how to move out of plateau?

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it's really hard to say why you are plateauing without seeing what you are doing. I am assuming you are trying to go over your feet from belly to back and back to belly. this transition can be broken down it in parts which really helps. if you can learn to go from you belly to your feet on the net then to your back and vise versa that should help. But again its hard to help on a public forum. Is this time you're doing coached or just by yourself? If it's by yourself it may help and save you money get some coaching.

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How many total hours so far in tunnel?

Maybe take a break from them and work on some other skill that needs more work or a new one - then go back to working on them.

Do not let yourself become fatigued during a session or you will waste your time gettin' nowhere.

Study your videos and compare to pros doing the transitions correctly.

Int'l Bodyflight Asociation also has good vids on doing skills correctly.

Maybe seek private coaching sessions with narrow focus on what you are doing wrong.

Can't emphasize enough - know your fatigue limit and do NOT exceed it.

To me transitions b2b and b2b are more strenuous than much of the IBA progression that leads up to them and noticed when I pushed it too hard I did lousier by the minute.

Maybe put vids here of your progress or past attempts as someone suggested previously.

Good luck.

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what tunnel and style of coaching?
mindless repetition does not help.
if you stuck, you need to do other exercise that, being a completely different thing, still aimed to develop problematic areas.

example - you have trouvles with lower legs and feet control, while trying to sitfly. Solution may be doing something that seems completely unrelated, like low-speed back carving and layouts, it develops a lot of leg control.

generally, moving around helps. I prefer dynamic approach and try to make my students fly around, do transitions over the net and assisted layouts etc as soon as they could backfly. So they are more focused on actual flying. And yes, it's much more fun.

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