Dropzone Reccomendations for Switzerland

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Hey gang,

I'm working in Northern Italy these days and travel by rail to Switzerland frequently (at least once per month), and would like to have recommendations about DZs in Switzerland.

I've been through the find-a-dropzone list here on the site, and of course one can see "Skydive Switzerland" (Reichenbach) from the railway line (must change trains in Spiez to get there, though).

...I also want to know if any of the other DZs in Switzerland are worth the trip. I've already purchased the "extra" insurance...thanks!


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If you work in northern italy the nearest dropzone in switzerland would be "paracentro locarno". It's quite expensive but the view and the dropzone in generall is great. (www.paracentro.ch)
If you travel longer and want to see a bit of switzerland I can recommend "Fallschirmgruppe Sittertal" in the north-eastern part of switzerland. (www.skydive-ostschweiz.ch)

I'm sure all the other dropzones are great too but I've never been there.

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