Fun jumper requirements for skydiving in Italy

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I am visiting Verona, Italy for a wedding and I would like to get a fun jump in. I was told I need USPA membership, my log to prove currency, my medical, proof of insurance. I had everything with me including my medical insurance card. Now they want proof that it covers skydiving and also the $ amount of my coverage. Is this required at all dz’s in Italy?

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Yes I bought it at the DZ in Reggio Emilia. Noticed you could do the same on another trip to Fano.

Insurance: Pegaso http://www.pegasoparacadutisti.it/polizze.asp
Price per year: 90 euro
Max coverage: 1.5M euro

If I remember correctly there was also a temporary option that lasted 3 months.....but not totally sure.

Another popular skydiving insurance in ITALY is Pianeta Volo http://www2.pianetavolo.it/paracadutismo.php

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