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Parachutist will list anybody earning their numbers prior to publication but only during that month between publications... however, those numbers are rarely given. Just not many do it. I have the day time awards but never got a chance to do them at night.

However, that said, just call or email someone at USPA headquarters and ask for a list.

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I emailed USPA and got this


We do not have the list published.

Attached is a scan of the first few pages from our night 4 stack.

Clint Vincent D-7624
Department Coordinator, Membership Services


I especially appreciated the Night Four Stack list. I was fairly low time then and that was the first jump that I organized. That is, I saw when the date for starting the award was, contacted the best jumpers together for it and all. Not that big a thing, but it felt like it then. It's spooky up there with almost no moon, lots of clouds and winds so strong that we opened over Ohio to land at Ravenswood Wv airport. I came in fifth, on our five stack, despite never having come in later than three. Three was my slot but I came in too hot. That four plane looked like a pale ghost ship, but I got Gary Westmoreland right in the knees. At this point all we had to do was fly it the required time, but Gary yelled "ok, let's plane it now, then Mig yelled, much louder "NO! JUST FLY THE THING." His main reason was to keep us from funneling it so he could get his number but the fact that we were over one of the widest spots on the Ohio River, being in the curve, with nothing but the darkness of forest and Kaiser Aluminum's power station to see, except of course for that tiny dim strip of blue light way way off in the distance that was basically the only spot to land mad his request seem downright reasonable.

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