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Any good skydiving / BASE jumping recommendations?

My favorites
How to be come a base jumper in 60 days -
Dennis Ohlsen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOvfbJPmBmA
BASE (2017) - Just watched this & could someone please clarify whether this is real or not?

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I second the recommendation for Sunshine Superman. It's so good!

A couple of us caught it at a little theater (Lascaux Micro-Theater) in Buchanan Wv and it was a great experience. Being that close to the bridge added to the atmosphere. It was a trip to see that face again. He was a helluva nice guy.

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I saw an awesome documentary in the 90s about a bunch of skydivers and how they finance their endless summer, it was called "Point Break".

Nah. They were surfers who jumped now and then.

Ya want a real jump movie, watch "Cutaway."
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