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Hi all,
So in a few weeks i start my AFF and 15 minute tunnel time booked a few days before the course, i just wondered if anyone knows of any good exercise or stretching routines to help with it, or if its even needed.
I go to the gym pretty regularly at the mo but i am up for doing anything i can to make things easier before i go.

Cheers, Dave

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Well, think about what kinds of motions and actions you are going to be doing and stretch appropriate to that.

I like to stretch out my back (bending forwards, backwards, sideways & twisting).
A few squats to work my legs a bit.
Arms behind my back and upwards to work my shoulders.

Maybe a couple of PLFs onto the packing mat to loosen up and get ready for a "less than graceful" landing.

Then I scrunch myself up into the smallest ball I can and hold that for 15 minutes to simulate the plane ride. :P
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Upper body reach and pull. Helps get that cooler door open for all the beer you're going to buy. Alternate arms for maximum efficiency.
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