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I've emailed the USPA many times trying to get a judge course. It seems futile at this point.

USPA's website has zero info on judge courses. (and the BOD wonders why they have trouble getting new judges!)

Try emailing the head of the competition committee, Kirk Verner. This is the contact info from the USPA website:
[email protected]

He may not know, but he will direct you to someone who does.

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Go to national and state meets and volunter to help out and be a training Judge.
Get hold of the organizers of the meets to get in touch with Cheif judge.
FAI has some links on their webpage including sample vedios to pratice on.

Judging is hard work But can be very rewarding. You meet a lot of people and go a lot of places.

I have judged meets in Canada, Aussie, NZ, Malasia, since 1976 (off asnd on) And have had a great timed doing it.
Nowadays I only do NZ POPs meets but still great fun and people.
Watch my video Fat Women

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I wouldn't waste time/money on obtaining a National Judges rating though. Speaking from experience the Chief Judge for an event will send out e-mails to all qualified judges then pick the same ones they've been using forever! Eventually those same judges will have gone by the wayside with no replacements. I've asked that my name be removed from the judges for this very reason.

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