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Hello all,
I'd like to get a large printed map of all the current US dropzones for my office, so I can start putting pins in as I visit each one.

I found one available here that looks a little dated, when cross-referenced with the Dropzone.com list:

Did anyone in the skydiving community contribute to this and/or know when it was last updated?
I'm assuming it's the Cartographer listed on the site (https://bestmapsever.com/pages/artist), but I wasn't sure if anyone in the community worked with him to make it.

Finally, would any of you be interested in working together to get an updated map?

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Since many of the dropzones listed are tandem only, it would not be an accurate representation of jumpable DZ’s unless you plan to do tandems at those locations. Plus it would be outdated before you a dent in the list.

I would say just get a nice looking map and start putting pins in the places you jump.

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My daughter bought the one you have listed for me for a Christmas gift. It is good quality paper and printing. It has all the dropzones I have jumped at or am interested in. But I haven't tried to cross-check it with databases from here or parachutist mag.

It would be a nice map to frame and hang in your office.

She also bought me one that has all the tunnels on it. It is a good map also. But I don't plan trips around tunnel locations. So I don't like it personally as much, but it is just as good of quality printing.

I am only speaking to the paper and print quality. I know you are also asking about the accuracy and currency. I can only say that every dropzone that I am personally aware of is listed on my map. For me, it was a nice gift and I enjoy seeing it on my wall.

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