Feeling after 8 years back in the sport!

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Hi Guys,

Wanted to share some experiance i had, and if someone feels the same.

Due to work relocation i was not able to jump for the past 8 years. During this time i was always watching skydive videos and could not wait to jump again..

Fast forward, we relocated to EU, dropzone nearby!

So last weekend it finally happend, first jump.. quite nervous on the ride up, once out of the plane everything felt naturally.

Did 3 more jumps that day, all went very well.

Somehow when i drove home, i realized.. thats it? i was so exiting to jump again but the feeling was not there after jumping.. It felt like i did nothing special..

Someone has the same feeling after comming back to the sport?

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I had the same the first day (after being 12 years away).
But the feeling did change after a couple of day's and mainly after I started jumping with other people.

Now, 100 jumps later, it is about the same again. Although the "Yeah, this is all I want to do all day long" feeling has changed a bit into "Yeah, this is a very nice hobby that I like to do when I have some free time from family obligations"

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