Has the Victoria Cilliers case become to INSANE to discuss?

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"Wife thought husband 'who tried to murder her by sabotaging her parachute' was member of 'sex club' and said he transferred £8,000 out of her bank account"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5682689/Wife-thought-husband-tried-murder-sabotaging-parachute-member-sex-club.html

Victoria Cilliers, 42, believed her husband Emile Cilliers was part of a sex club
The physiotherapist thought he was having an affair after finding his condoms
She threatened to go to police when £8,000 was transferred to his account
Emile is accused of trying to kill Victoria twice in a bid to claim her life insurance

Seems to have gone off the rails [:/]

really surprised the direction the 2nd retrial has gone in. Seems to me at this point the bathroom seat being left up, the smell of dirty socks, gross eating habits, dirty laundry, etc. haven't been added to the trial testimony.

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It was discussed fairly fully while the first trial was in progress.

I doubt there is much more to be discovered vis a vis the parachute part of it all, because I doubt there is anything new there...

I don't think many were aware the second trial was underway till a couple of days ago. At the moment it seems to be unloading dirty laundry.

It would not surprise me to see him walk, seeing the first trial didn't convict him. I don't think the prosecutions case was very well put in the first trial, and I can't see them coming up with anything new or more convincing.
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