Safire 1 Identification

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Hey folks,

I’m in possession of what I believe to be a Safire 1 179. The warning label is totally torn and there is no serial number on the center cell. I bought it off Facebook about a year ago for dirt cheap and the lines are in desperate need of replacing. I have no idea how many jumps are on it, judging by the condition of the lines... a lot. One of the B stabilizer attachment lines blew today, and it would be only a matter of time before the brake lines went. I’m looking to purchase a line set but am at a total loss as Icarus needs a serial number before they will send me new lines, I got ahold of a master rigger with the trim charts and I’m not positive it’s even a 179.

Am I hosed here? Or is there some way to at least determine the size of this canopy?

Much appreciated,


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It is very eassy to distinguish betwen a Safire 1 from a Safire 2.

Meassure the width on the bottom center cell, 10 cm behind the leading edge reinforcement tape (to avoid the reinforcement tape shrinkage)

Meassure now the width on the bottom center cell, 10 cm away from the tail (to avoid the tail shrinkage)

When a Safire 1, this meassurement at the tail is about 18 mm wider than this at the leading edge.

If it is a Safire 2 then both dimensions are the same.

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