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Skylark new Odyssey EVO parachute

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Now I have about 40 jumps with Odyssey from Skylark's brand new EVO line. The key of EVO line is Power V-Ribs, which in fact made 9-cell wing smooth and rigid at least as 7-cel standard "tri-cell" crossbraced canopies.
So Odyssey EVO and original Odyssey has in common only name, EVO version is step up to ultra-HP class with high wingloads.
New Odyssey EVO likes high wingloads, I jump with 75 size loaded 2.3 and I feel what it can be loaded even more for everyday jumps. Also did some jumps with 95 size @1.8, and canopy was very rigid and responsive too.
Recommended wingloads 1.6 - 2.5.
It opens soft, onheading but not too long, without high altitude loss.
Compared to Scirocco recovery arc is not so long, but these wings have absolutely excellent glide capabilities.
Soft front risers, strong but very responsible rears, very powerful flare.
Now I love this parachute very much even after 1200 jumps witn my Scirocco-72 because it better suits everyday work or fun jumps and flying it is absolute fun and confidence.
I'm not a pro swooper, just camera flyer.
And here some video from last weekend with Odyssey EVO-75 @2.3: https://youtu.be/lrRigtxtkq0

Photo of 75 (left) and 95 (right)


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How does it perform on a lighter wingloading (around 1.8)? I am currently jumping the original Odyssey 120 at around 1.55 and feel like it's not loaded enough, flies great and overall great canopy, but I would like a bit more oomph out of it. So considering either getting another Odyssey 110 (1.7 WL) or Odyssey EVO 105 (1.8). How would these two canopies compare? 

This season i started to dedicate more jumps specifically to canopy flight and taking canopy courses, next season's plan is to dial in those 90's and make a transition to 270's by the end of the season, so looking for an appropriate canopy for the goals.

My thinking is that Evo 105 should be a good transition canopy to a crossbraced canopy after a couple of seasons (as in Evo 105 - crossbraced 90 for example) as getting anything over 90 would mean WL less than 2.0 which is not optimal for crossbraced. But I am not sure if Od-120 to Evo-105 is a good step. Would love to hear your opinion.

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Hi! I did some jumps with 95 size @1.8 wingload and liked it, but at such loads where is not big difference in capabilities between EVO and non-evo. At loads around 1.8 previous model of Odyssey canopy is really great and as transition canopy too. Highly loaded Odyssey EVO is in x-braced class canopy (I like it more than Velo) thanks to more elliptical "Schumann" planform and V-Ribs, so I think real sense of EVO is at w/l 2.0+, but it will fly great at loads from 1.6 (the inlets is not too small and inner pressure and stability I think even better than non-evo at same loads), but, again, at low loads non-evo is good enough and has a bit smaller pack volume, so any choice will be great :)

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