icarus soft link on reserve

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Packing up a Nano reserve and it has soft links on it that I can only presume are Icarus soft links as there are no markings.

Does anyone have any expereience with these? Are they legal to use on the reserve? Is there any way identify if they are in fact icarus removable soft links?


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From their website, these are the instructions for their reserve softlinks. Pictures are good enough to ID them.


From the manual:


It is permissible to substitute connector links as long as they are compatible with the container,
all four connector links are of the same type, and they are all certified for use under TSO C23d
to operational limits exceeding the operational limits of the reserve parachute. If substitute links
are used, they need to be installed in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of
the links.

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thanks....I guess I should have included a picture to start with....

no markings or anything to identify....

Found a picture of them here:

what do you all think?

They look like my Icarus soft links on my main, except mine are white. That's about all I can tell you. I am not sure what's on my Nano as I have not used it, but I would be surprised if they are not soft links.

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