Kill lines for Sigma drogues are now 1200 or 1250# spectra

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Replacing a kill line yesterday, I noticed it seemed a little thicker than the usual 1000#, so I did a search through the newer Sigma manual and found 2 entries with different values.

From p3:
The Drogue System (Patent: 6,626,400)
The 1¾” Kevlar outer bridle extends past the disc all the way to the main deployment bag. The kill line is 1200
lb. Spectra and terminates at the bag.

From p14:
K. Kill Line – A length of 1,250 lb. Spectra line, with a 1” loop at each end, which runs inside the drogue
bridle from the kill line attachment bridle to the Rapidè link at the bag attachment loop.

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