Audible altimeter Sirius

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New device from Skylife

Web: www.skylife-alt.com

- Display type: LCD display
- Display: Backlight and 180° screen rotation
- Display protection glass: polycarbonate
with anti-reflective film
- Body type: aluminum
- Dimensions: 2.22 х 1.63 х 0.48 inches
- Weight: 35 g (1.23 oz)
- Battery type: Li-ion
- Charger interface: micro USB
- Audible altitude setting intervals: from 0 to
13100 ft (light indicator connection is
-The number of visual signal altitudes: 6 signals
- Signal altitude setting period: 50 ft
- Operating altitude: from 0 to 29500 ft
- Operating temperature conditions:
from -20°C to +50°C
- The jump log: 1000 jumps
- Audible signal power: 120 dB
- IP 67
- Measurement system: meters, feet
Skydiving altimeter based on the
microprocessor control
- Intuitively clear interface
- Easy navigation
- The jump log comprises settings such as:
- Height separation from the aircraft
- Average speed in free fall
- Maximum free fall speed
- Height of the opening of the parachute
- Free fall duration
- Speed under canopy (MAX)




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