Crossfire2 speeding up the opening

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ive been jumping my crossfire2 119 for a while now, and it snivels for a long time.
im looking to speed up the openings, any suggestions?
currently pro pack, split the nose, keep the center cell exposed, and dont push anything in.
ive tried leaving the entire nose exposed, but on heading openings suffered.
im jumping it with a wingsuit, so heading is a big deal to me with this small of a canopy
Flock University FWC / ZFlock
B.A.S.E. 1580
Aussie BASE 121

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Well off the top of my head put a mesh base slider on it . Oh and post the video I'd love to see how it works for ya. :P. Ducking and running
i have on occasion been accused of pulling low . My response. Naw I wasn't low I'm just such a big guy I look closer than I really am .

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